"080 FASHION WEEK in Barcelona”

Welcome to this new edition of the “080 Barcelona Fashion City”, an edition in which, more than in any other edition, we can really speak about the city of fashion and creation.

Over the next four days, we want to show and indeed, make available to the city and the world, the collective creative wealth of the capital of Catalonia.

We want to show the talent of our designers, the work being done by the schools in the sector, the strength of our industrial complex, the variety on offer, all within the same project, 080 Barcelona Fashion city.

Creativity and innovation are the always the inspiring concepts behind 080 Barcelona Fashion, without ever forgetting the importance of the market and the will to provide our designers and companies international exposure.

080 Barcelona Fashion has set itself four primary objectives:

  • Help designers and companies to project themselves internationally, as well as potentiating as much as possible the sales capacity of the sector.
  • Contribute to the visualization of the educational potential of Catalonia in the design and fashion fields.
  • Create synergies and complicity between the worlds of design and production.
  • Make 080 into the meeting point for all professionals in the sector.